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Hedd audio Type 20

kimmo merikivi January 6, 2019

Brooklyn-based producer & beatmaker Illmind has worked for some of the biggest names out there including Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé. We…

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(suomi) Manger Z1

kimmo merikivi October 9, 2018

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish and Estonian.

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TWAudio Vera36 on saapunut Latviaan

kimmo merikivi July 27, 2018

3S Rental firma Latvian Rigasta Arturs Cintis ylpeänä peukuttaa Balttian maiden ensimmäisenä TW Audion Vera 36 kaiuttimelle joita heillä on 18 kpl. Vera 36…

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Point Source audio Dual Omni Lavalier Microphone

kimmo merikivi June 4, 2018

Revolutionary Mic offers Built-in Backup CO2-8WL is Two Mics in One Supporting Two Separate Wireless Transmitters. The CO2-8WL is the world’s first fully redundant dual…

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