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New HARVEY Composer and Firmware version 2.8

kimmo merikivi tammikuu 27, 2021

Our new HARVEY Composer and Firmware version 2.8 focused on optimal integration of the HARVEY Remote Control RC12 and RC4 in control applications. Available…

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HEDD New MK2 Monitor Series and BASS Subwoofers

kimmo merikivi tammikuu 25, 2021

We are thrilled to announce a brand-new series of professional active loudspeakers. The new range includes TYPE 05 MK2, TYPE 07 MK2, TYPE 20…

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MIKE’s ACADEMY Opens to Support School and Business Reopenings

kimmo merikivi lokakuu 5, 2020

Point Source Audio Opens MIKE’S ACADEMY to Support Safe Miking Amid School and Business Reopenings New hub provides best-practices in microphone cleaning and sanitation,…

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ELLA L18 – The ELegant extension.

kimmo merikivi syyskuu 21, 2020

ELLA L18 is a low-mid extension unit for the ELLA6 ELegant Line Array system. Especially in ELLA6 arrays of only two to six elements ELLA L18…

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A true milestone for us to see #HEDDphone on the brand-new Sound On Sound

kimmo merikivi keskuu 21, 2020

A true milestone for us to see #HEDDphone on the brand-new Sound On Sound cover with a full review inside. Out today in print…

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Four Tips to Help You Clean Your Dirty Microphone

kimmo merikivi keskuu 15, 2020

Sanitize your microphones to rid germs and dirt Stop sharing your microphone. But if you do, cleaning your microphone is the courteous thing to…

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Point Source Audio Webinar

kimmo merikivi keskuu 11, 2020

Hei, Tere, Sveiki late tomorrow friday 12.6 at 23:00 -01:00 is Point Source audiolla Webinaar: PST065- Self-Miking: Can this really be a thing? Point…

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Artnovion Webinar

kimmo merikivi keskuu 4, 2020

Artnovion akustiikkapaneleiden valmistaja järjestää tänään torstaina 4.6.2020 klo 12:30 Webinaarin - Akustiikkapanelit ammattikäyttöön ja akustiikan perusteita - arvioitu kesto alle 90 min.Kysy Kysy linkki…

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Hifimaailma 3/2020

kimmo merikivi toukokuu 14, 2020

Hifimaailman 3/2020 julkaisussa juttua HEDDphone® kuulokkeista sekä SPL Phonitor X - Esi/kuulokevahvistimesta.

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kimmo merikivi tammikuu 12, 2020

From the relentless pursuit of perfection, TW AUDiO introduces the new ELegant Line Array series: ELLA. LIVE DEMO OR MORE DETAILS? REGISTER NOW TW-Audio ELLA…

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Frankfurth Music Messe

kimmo merikivi maaliskuu 29, 2019

PROLIGHT + SOUND -messut Frankfurtissa 2.-5.4.2019 Frankfurtin Prolight + Sound -messut järjestetään 2.–5.4.2019 yhtä aikaa Frankfurtin Musikmessen kanssa. Prolight + Sound kuuluu tapahtuma-, esitys-…

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kimmo merikivi maaliskuu 8, 2019

TW AUDIO PRODUCT TRAINING LEVEL 1 - ENGLISH The training will take place over two days and is dedicated to our network of distributors, sales…

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