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Vuodesta 1994 lähtien SigNET on vakiinnuttanut asemansa ääniturvatekniikan eturivissä. Yksi maailman johtavista ääniturvatekniikan valmistajista suunnittelee tuotteita asiakkaiden tarpeiden mukaan, Brittiläisten ja Eurooppalaisten normien mukaan.

Markkinajohtajan tuotelinja sisältää laajan kirjon Britannian äänitaajuusindikaattori laitteita (AFILS), useita palkittuja puhehälytys- ja yleisöpuhelujärjestelmiä sekä Euroopan arvostetuimpia hätä- ja turvapuhelinjärjestelmiä.

Referenssejä on mm. Hongkongin Chep Lap Kokin lentokenttä, Holland’s Sheraton Hotelli, Ruotsin Modernin taiteen museo, Englannin Trafford Center ja Egyptin Dreamland Theme Park.

Pro5/7/11 Phased Shift Loop Amplifier

Introducing SigNET’s new PRO5, 7 & 11 range of constant current, phase-shifting hearing loop amplifiers, all with easy-to- use graphical displays & Class D output stages for maximum efficiency.

  • Clear & intuitive LCD interface allows simple set-up of input levels, output current, phantom power and metal compensation
  • 200m2, 500m2 or 1000m2 coverage (model dependent)
  • 2 x XLR mic/line inputs (selectable)
  • Digital optical ‘Toslink’ connector facilitates easy connection to TVs, etc
  • Outreach connector allows up to 10 of our revolutionary audio input utility plates to be added
  • Dedicated wall-mount and free-standing options
  • Anti-tamper lock function prevents unauthorised adjustment of system settings
  • 5 year warranty as standard
  • Class D output stage for maximum efficiency and very high output
  • Superior analogue audio processing with a powerful CPU and cutting-edge technology provide life-like speech and first class music reproduction
  • Short circuit protection against loop faults for increased reliability
  • Fault relay & LCD display provide clear indication of operation and fault status
  • Industry leading dual action automatic gain control compensates for poor microphone technique
  • Line level output for recording or daisy-chaining multiple units to cover larger areas.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Category: Hearing Loop Systems


  • TYPE: Free-standing (supplied with IEC 320 fused mains lead) or Wall-mount (requires permanent connection to Mains)
  • COVERAGE: 200m2, i.e. rooms up to approx. 14m x 14m (PDA5/DD, PDA5/DW). 500m2, i.e. rooms up to approx. 22m x 22m (PDA7/DD, PDA7/DW). 1000m2, i.e. rooms up to approx. 31m x 31m (PDA11/DD, PDA11/DW).
  • INPUTS: 2 x XLR mic/line (selectable); 1 x Outreach; 1 x Optical TOS Link digital receiver.
  • OUTPUTS: Loop 1 & Loop 2; Line Out; Fault Relay; Phase Shift 2 x 900 phase shifted Selectable (on/off);
  • CONTROLS: Sensitivity Level Controls; Line In, Mic, 12V Phantom, Outreach, Optical, Metal Comp, Drive1&2, Loop, Phase Shift.
  • INDICATORS: LED display with 4 membrane control buttons.
  • DIMENSIONS: Free-standing: 67H x 218W x 280D mm. Wall-mount: 298H x 308W x 74D mm Weight: Free-standing: 2.38kg; Wall-mount: 3.35kg

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