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HEDD’s innovative studio monitors connect newest analog loudspeaker technology with the requirements of a contemporary, that is, hybrid digital/analog audio workspace.

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HEDD Type 20 MK2

Iconic Compact 3-Way Monitor with on-board Lineariser® and CoP

3-Way-System with 7”+4” Woofer and High-Resolution HEDD AMT Tweeter

Integrated Amplifiers with 3x300W for up to 120 dB SPL/pair

Closed-or-Ported Functionality

Integrated DSP with AD/DA: 96 kHz, 32 Bit

HEDD Lineariser® Phase-Correction

Adjustable LFE, Shelf and Desk Filters

Available early 2021 in Black or White

Woofer (honeycomb diaphram) 7″ (2″ voice coil)
Midrange (honeycomb diaphram) 4″ (1,25″ voice coil)
Tweeter HEDD AMT
Crossover frequencies (48 dB/oct filters) 250 / 3.200 Hz
Input 1: analog stereo (2 ch) / Impedance XLR / 22 kΩ
Input 2: AES “in” XLR
Output: AES “through” XLR
Volume ±12dB
Input sensitivity (A/D modulation) -10/-4/0/+4 dB
HEDD Lineariser®, disengageable, delay: 10 ms
Shelve filters high/low (.5 dB steps) ± 4 dB
LF range (-3dB): normal/extended/satellite 32 / 26 / 80 Hz
Desk Filter: Small/Medium /Large 180 Hz (-1 /-2/-4dB)
AD/DA Conversion 96kHz/32bit
Frequency response (-3dB) 32 – 40.000 Hz
Max. SPL (sound pressure level) per pair: 120 dB SPL
Power Amplifier /Universal Mains 110-240 V 3×300 W ICEpower
Cabinet with satin lacquer finish black or white
Dimensions (H x W x D): 280 x 358 x 338 mm
Weight: 15,4 kg
Warranty 2 years

Available in Black or White