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Meters Music

Meters by Ashdown Engineering brings every ounce of that legacy to bear in design, engineering and acoustic expertise.

A unique range of headphones and audio products bringing together lifestyle and audiophile aspirations in one incredible package.


Meters OV-1 have been launched to critical acclaim from some of the world’s most prestigious publications.

Meters OV-1-B CONNECT the latest bluetooth headphones


The Meters M-Ears Wireless headphones have it all.


Featured Artists

Stevie Wonder

Shavo Odadjian

System of a Down

Simon Neil

Biffy Clyro

James Johnston

Biffy Clyro

Emerson Ramazanoglu

Noel Gallagher, Lily Allen, Carly Rae Jepsen

Ben Johnston

Biffy Clyro

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