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This unsurpassed technology is what we call VOLTAiR within our Professional Fidelity series. It lets you enjoy music on the same level as the mastering engineer.

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SPL Crescendo

Eight-Channel Microphone Preamplifier featuring 120V Technology

The Crescendo is the first microphone preamplifier which operates with an internal operating voltage of 120V. Making it absolutely unique, because with the 120V Technology it is nearly impossible to overdrive this preamplifier. The Crescendo excels with absolute signal fidelity and clarity. Rediscover your microphones, they have never been amplified like this.


Frequency range

  • 20-50kHz, -3dB

Mic pre amp gain

  • 70 dB (regelbar über Potentiometer)

Input impedance

  • 10 kOhm

Output impedance

  • < 600 Ohm

Noise (A-weighted)

  • (60dB Gain) -69.7 dB
  • (30dB Gain) -87.5 dB


  • (60dB Gain) -96dBu
  • (20 dB Gain) -120dBu


  • (60 dB Gain) > 65dBu/1kHz
  • (30 dB Gain) > 75dBu/1kHz


  • (60dB Gain) 0.04%
  • (30dB Gain) 0.008%
  • (10dB Gain) 0.00009%


  • (60dB Gain) 150 Ohm 129.5 dB
  • (60dB Gain) 40 Ohm 134.4 dB

Power consumption

  • 230V: 51.6 W
  • 115V: 50.5 W

0 dBu = 0.775 V. Subject to change without notice.